The Backbone Net is a network of amateur radio stations who coordinate all inbound and outbound radio traffic from WFO MKX to and from the participating Local Nets.

Backbone Net Guidelines

There is no defined Net Control Station (NCS) on the Backbone. Sullivan Weather, Relay Stations, and Backbone repeater membership maintain discipline on the Backbone based on specified Net types. WFO MKX depends on our ability to communicate information needed in their evaluation of severe weather conditions. Our spotters in the field also rely on the WFO MKX for information regarding severe weather watches and warnings. Delays slow down this whole process. Delayed communications means delayed response and these delays could be the difference between life and death.

Sullivan Weather maintains a presence at all times during Backbone Net Operations.

Duties of Sullivan Weather

The operators at Sullivan are directed to do the following:

  1. Maintain net discipline.
  2. Direct and maintain control over traffic being passed on the Backbone Net.
  3. Acknowledge and respond to all calls immediately.
  4. Maintain an accurate log of all check-ins, check-outs, and net traffic

Permitted Traffic on Backbone Net

The only traffic permitted on the Backbone Net will be:

  1. Reports from Relay Stations meeting Severe Criteria
  2. Severe Criteria reports from stations who are unable to pass a report on a local net
  3. Outgoing weather information, such as radar summaries, watches, and statements from WFO MKX.

Permitted Operators on Backbone Net

The only operators allowed on the Backbone Net are:

  1. Sullivan Weather.
  2. All Relay stations.
  3. Stations with Severe Criteria reports who are unable to pass reports to a local net.

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